Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crimson ProjeKct @ Trabendo, Paris - March 13, 2014

King Crimson's Double Trio era is some of my favorite music ever recorded and it's one of my biggest musical regret to having never been able to see it in action.

Fortunately, the Crimson ProjeKct's concert in the French capital was my opportunity to see the next best thing. Or at least the closest thing available.

The format for this show is pretty unique: The Adrian Belew Trio and Stick Men rotate on the stage, playing a few songs each, before merging into a sextet to perform songs from the Crimson catalog.

To say the musicianship was high would be an understatement. I was already familiar with Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Mastellotto but I discovered other talented musicans like Julie Slick, the incredible bass player for the ABT and playing the role of Robert Fripp tonight, Markus Reuter.

According to Robert Fripp, it's very unlikely that the real King Crimson will ever grace a European stage again so the whole audience was very grateful to have the opportunity to hear that repertoire live, played by these particular players. Not everyone has the skills and more importantly the legitimacy to play those parts but if Crimson is really done, then these players are the ones to carry the torch. They proved it last night.


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