Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seasick Steve @ Zèbre de Belleville, Paris - December 11, 2014

What should have been an exceptional evening of music didn't turn out to be that exactly. Thankfully, Seasick Steve's natural storytelling abilities and his affable personality ended up saving the night.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Libertines @ Zénith, Paris - September 30, 2014

When it comes to their live shows, we have to hand it to the Libertines. For such a legendary gang of fuck-ups they don't fuck around. This is probably them making amends on promises they never delivered or finally cashing in on a decade of literally wasted opportunities but they came here with something to prove. And in 25 songs (including eleven from their classic debut) and over two hours of show they proved it: the Libertines are no fluke. They are a great rock and roll band, and now they're dependable. 

After years of sub-par performances, cancellations, no-shows, arrests etc. they have finally risen to the challenge. Hopefully it's not too late... I love a great redemption story and hopefully this one ends on a happy note. 

Sure, you can see the cracks. Pete is not looking good, but Carl is in control. Egos come out, especially when they have to share a mic. Or when they feel the need to play a Babyshambles song. It's not easy being the flag-bearer of a generation., just ask the Gallagher brothers. But in the end the Libertines win. 

Punks, romantics, junkies, brothers. And now, for the first time, professional musicians. This generation had such hopes invested in you. Just don't let them down again.