Wednesday, September 25, 2002

David Bowie @ le Zénith, Paris - September 25th, 2002

As he stepped off stage after this concert, the second of two shows in two nights at the Zénith in Paris, Bowie was heard commenting that this was one of his best performances ever. A bold, unverifiable claim but the setlist alone is perfection. David gave everything that night, playing until he literally couldn't sing anymore.

Monday, April 29, 2002

Bob Dylan @ le Zénith, Paris - April 20th, 2002


My fist time seeing Bob Dylan in concert. I was a little thrown off by the intermission, I'm not used to them occurring in rock concerts. But what a performance! That setlist is bonkers. I was told Dylan doesn't like to play the hits, but he played a whole slew of them that night. He didn't look like he was hating it. But then again he didn't look like he was particularly enjoying himself, either. Dylan has always been rather taciturn...