Thursday, June 18, 1992

Eric Clapton & Elton John @ Hippodrome Paris Vincennes, Vincennes - June 18th, 1992


Nearly thirty years ago I attended this concert featuring two of my all-time favorite artists on one bill. I seem to remember Bonnie Raitt opening but I can't find anything about it online, so maybe I made that up. This cost 190 Francs. Adjusted for inflation, this would be 43,31 euros. Or 45.75 USD. There is no way you could go to a concert of any of these artists at that price nowadays. Even C-level bands charge around 60 euros these days.

This was my fourth rock concert and the first time I saw either artist. I distinctly remember Clapton's version of Layla, which was already one of my favorite songs at the time, and a great rendition of Badge. His most recent album was 1989's Journeyman, so there was a lot of songs from that record in the set. I would go on to see Eric Clapton six more times in the following twenty years.

Elton John played a much longer set, featuring most of his hits and classics as well as three songs from his then-current record The One and a rendition of Queen's The Show Must Go On as performed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. The next time I would see Elton John again would be in the much more intimate setting of the Olympia 21 years later.

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